When I was a kid, my parents took us to Old Fort Harrod State Park Theatre to see a play called "The Legend of Daniel Boone." Though that was decades ago, I still vividly remember a couple of scenes from that play. If my memory serves me correctly, I remember one of the characters being scalped and I remember a battle scene complete with flamethrowers. I also remember how cool Old Fort Harrod was. My family took us early so we could walk around the park before the show began.

I'm not sure I realized at the time just how significant Harrodsburg is to Kentucky. It's actually the oldest city in the state and 2024 marks a major milestone in its history. Harrodsburg, which now proudly uses the tagline "Kentucky starts here!" is celebrating its 250th birthday ans there's a big festival planned to mark the occasion.

Harrodsburg's 250th Celebration Festival will run June 13th through the 16th and, according to promotional materials, will honor:

The inspirational beauty.  The unique charm.  The inviting hospitality.  The genesis of the West.  Harrodsburg – Kentucky’s original gem on the leading edge of innovation since 1774.  Come celebrate the excitement, the history, the heritage, the future, 250 years in the making.     

Harrodsburg's big birthday bash will feature live music, food vendors, craft vendors and more. Plus, since the city has a rich history, there will be a parade and a variety of educational and historical programs planned.

If you'd like to check out the 250th Celebration Festival's official website, you can CLICK HERE!

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