After a February visit to Lexington, we traveled to Richmond to visit Buc-ee's before heading home.

That little jaunt put us on Interstate 75, a highway I seldom travel unless it's a vacation or, as was the case described above, a weekend road trip. I despise Interstate 75, and on that Sunday morning journey, it was PACKED. I have always counted on Sunday morning as a time when you could travel otherwise intimidating stretches of blacktop and not deal with a ton of traffic. That is not the case on Interstate 75.

When I did a search of the most dangerous highway in Kentucky, 75 was the one I expected to see. If you follow the Kentucky State Police, you might believe the same thing, considering the number of accidents that happen on that interstate.

It's Not the Longest Stretch of Kentucky Interstate, But It's the Deadliest

Instead, it was another interstate that nabbed the dubious honor, and I can't really call it an "upset." Interstate 65 is no picnic, either. did the number crunching and doesn't rank these roads simply by number of accidents in a set period of time. Instead, after tabulating, they saw that there are 1.53 fatal accidents every 10 miles per year. That would average out to a little more than 13 wrecks annually on 65.  This table from Assurance lists the worst highways in each state, and, right at the top, Interstate 65 makes another appearance.

Another interstate highway that runs through Kentucky appears on an list of the nation's most dangerous interstates. It's the only the one on the list that runs through the Commonwealth, and it's one of the shortest on the list. Yet, Interstate 24 still ranks in the top five.

Be safe as we enter driving season; be aware of your surroundings; and, by all means, NO DISTRACTED DRIVING.

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