The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky was used for over fifty years to quarantine tuberculosis patients, most of which met their brutal demise inside the hospital. It was shut down in 1961, after a successful antibiotic against TB was discovered, but reopened again in 1962 and used as a geriatric facility until sometime in 1980.

Patients suffering from tuberculosis lived inside the pulse of a living death rattle becoming guinea pigs to a number of excruciating experimental treatments.

“These experimental treatments were often brutal, causing extreme pain to the patient both during and after the procedure. Many of those same treatments left the patient with horrific scars and often times, disfigurement. Sadly, many patients undergoing these same treatments did not survive their battle with tuberculosis,” according to the website.

The abandoned structure has become known as one of the most haunted places in the United States, gaining a considerable amount of attention from paranormal junkies after being featured in episodes of Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, and Scariest Places on Earth.

However, regardless of the structure’s haunted reputation, current owners Charlie and Tina Mattingly say they plan to transform the former death house into a four-star hotel, complete with 120 renovated rooms, a convention center and museum.

Zoning for the hotel was recently approved by the Louisville Metro Council; however, the owners say it will still be sometime before the hotel is up and running. "We have just gotten the zoning. We couldn't go any further with the restorations without the zoning. It will still take years. Not anytime soon," according to a recent Facebook status update.

To see photos and learn more about The Waverly Hills Sanatorium click here.

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