TikTok has blown up since the pandemic hit.  Many families have used it to do videos together, kids are having a blast with it, and then there are "those" people who love to play the most awfully hilarious pranks using TikTok.

To set the scene the person calls a friend, husband/wife, parent, and tells them frantically that they have just gotten pulled over on their way to them.  They then proceed to say that they told the officer they were in a hurry because they were trying to get to the person on the phone because they had fallen.  Next, they say "so you have to go and lay down and pretend you are hurt." The end result is hysterical.

My friend, Ashe, decided to do this to her poor mother.  I can't even but I will admit I laughed way too hard at this.  WARNING ONE INCIDENT OF MILD LANGUAGE!

Next is the prankster herself, Kari Atcher, who loves pranking her whole family.  Yesterday, we shared her pranking her daughter.  She decided to get her husband this time.

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