Have you found photos, memorabilia, or important documents in your yard after tornados devasted many towns in Western Kentucky? Among other debris, a stuffed bunny was found in a field in Whitesville, Kentucky. It could be a child's favorite stuffed animal, and we want to reunite them.

Barb Birgy/WBKR
Barb Birgy/WBKR

On Sunday, my husband and I went to our 100-acre property in Ohio County to check out our game camera. It was my first time at the property since several tornadoes devastated towns in Western Kentucky. I was shocked at all of the debris scattered all over the property. As we walked the trails, there were parts of homes everywhere. Everything from shingles, siding, insulation, and fencing were found. Then my eyes caught something green in the distance. As we walked closer, it became obvious that it was a stuffed animal of some kind. We couldn't believe the good shape the bunny was in after all that it had been through. Besides being dirty and missing something from the rabbit's foot, it was intact. Now, it's time to find the owner of the stuffed animal! Somebody must be missing this sweet bunny.

Barb Birgy/WBKR
Barb Birgy/WBKR

Have you found photos, memorabilia, or important documents in your yard? Luckily we can all help ease the suffering of the tornado victims by helping to reunite them with their cherished memorabilia, photos, and documents. Quad State Tornado Found Items was created to help with the process. It's unbelievable how far the tornado took items from Dawson Springs, Drakesboro, Hartford, Central City, Bremen, Mayfield, and all towns affected. Posts showing family photos, vital documents, and memorabilia have been made from all over Louisville, Southern Indiana, and all points in between.

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It's also very heartbreaking to read the stories, as many victims comment on the page. Obviously, if someone is finding these items, there's a back story as to why. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. Through all of the loss, at least they can have this small piece of their lives back. Many of the photos and items being posted have been identified, but there are and will be many more as the group continues to grow. If you find any important items please load the photos on the Quad State Tornado Found Items page, and be sure to add where you found them. It's been incredible to read about all the locations where items have been found.

If you have enough information to do so you could also mail anything you find to area schools. They'll know the families in town and can reunite the items with the victims. It may be a small gesture, but it could help ease their suffering. Many people are mailing what they've found to law enforcement or fire departments in those towns. They'll have a way to help get the items back to families. If you have a chance to check your property for any items, I'm sure that the families would appreciate it very much.

Let's get the bunny home!

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