Coors Seltzer is doing its part to help clean up our water with the brand's new volunteer program.

The Coors Seltzer Volunteer Program does what it says; it makes us all volunteers in making sure the water in our rivers is clean.

With every 12-pack purchased, Coors Seltzer is donating 500 gallons of clean water to be dumped in America's rivers. Naturally, the Ohio River is one of them.

The 16 river basins that will benefit from Coors Seltzer's River Restoration Project also include the Mississippi River and the Tennessee River.

And once your purchase your first Coors Seltzer 12-pack, you'll be able to get completely reimbursed.

Coors Seltzer is sponsoring our Halloween Dreams Scavenger Haunt this Saturday night - where you can win a Christmas Experience trip at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville! And once you've downloaded the WBKR app below, follow instructions on how YOU can get your money back on your Coors Seltzer purchase.

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How to Get Reimbursed on Your First Purchase of Coors Seltzer Through the Coors Seltzer Volunteer Program

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