We've all been there. It's freezing cold outside. your pooch has gone to the door to signal his need to go outside but when you open the door, he either won't go out or goes out and comes right back in because it's just too cold and too wet outside.

No Snow on the Toes

Years ago, I had a Doberman that would do this. He absolutely hated to go outside if it was raining and of course, if it was snowing you could forget about it. He was a bit of a primadonna at times, but it turns out it wasn't just my dog. Plenty of dog owners face the same dilemma. Either their dogs don't like the feeling of being wet or they are uncomfortable with snow on their toes.

The Nose Knows... Except When It Can't

For smaller dogs, it can literally be a matter of getting too cold too quickly, especially if the snow is deeper than an inch or so. While for some dogs, the issue is a matter of being able to smell where to go. Dogs use their keen sense of smell to know that a spot is acceptable to them and if it is extremely cold and covered in snow, it can be difficult for their nose to pick up that scent.

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There's a Life Hack for That

So what's a dog owner to do, those of us living in climates where snow and frigid temperatures are unavoidable during the winter? There is a cheap and easy life hack for that! In fact, you may already have the supplies you need laying around the garage or in your camping gear.

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Help Your Dog Potty in Snowy Weather

All you have to do is lay down a tarp. That's it. Just lay down a tarp before the snow begins to fall. Then, when it's time for your pup to go outside, fold back the tarp to reveal the ground in all its sniffable, snow-free glory!

Take It a Step Further

The folks at Kentucky Humane Society say you can take it a step further if you happen to have a hammock. Positioning the hammock over top of the tarp can give your dog a little shelter from the falling snow too.

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