Monday night Carsyn was set to perform at halftime of the Owensboro Catholic/Ohio County girls game. She attending a Catholic cheer clinic over the weekend and this was their big night! (Now, of course she and the other girls were precious, but I'm going a different direction here, ha!)

I'll be honest, the first thing I thought when we sat down in the gym was, "Ugh...the last thing I want to do is watch girls basketball." Sorry, but true! Well, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! And, even thou Duke-bound Becca Greenwell sat the game out to rest her knee (that's just my guess!), those girls were pretty dang good!

It's been so long since I've been to any high school basketball game, I'd forgotten how special that atmosphere is. Not to anyone's surprise, but I was a cheerleader from the seventh grade until I graduated high school. (Go Cards!!) I loved it! It took me several years to realize just how special those memories really are. So, being back in the gym really brought that back.

I do have to say, I knew I was at Owensboro Catholic, but what started the game caught me off guard. Before the pep band played the National Anthem, they prayed. Now, this is my opinion, it only represents myself, but I liked it. I can still remember in high school saying a prayer before games and it always me feel a sense of comfort. So, to hear that was nice. Now, that's just my opinion and it doesn't add up to a hill of beans... to each his own.

My lil' Aces Cheerleader!
My lil' Aces Cheerleader!

So, the game started and I was shocked!! These girls can ball! Destiny Howard plays for OCHS and let me just say, she is a Lady Beast! (Trust me, that's a good thing!) #33 for Catholic was great too! I hadn't watched girls bball in  years and I LOVE how far the level of play has come! By the way... Ohio County had some great players too. I thought #10 and #33 were great! Sorry that I don't know their names, ha!

I will be back to watch another game... and not just because I really want to see Becca Greenwell play, ha! If you haven't checked out a game lately, you should! Go support your local team or your alma mater, I'll be surprised!

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