We dare you to try not to laugh! Efena Hayden's antics went viral with her acrobatic peeing skills. Her owner captured her unique bathroom behavior on video, shared it on social media, and the result is hilarious. Let's make Efena famous.

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I love dogs. I love funny dogs. I love a talented pooch. Unfortunately, none of my dogs have ever had much talent or humor. They could do basic tricks, but that's about it! Does your dog have a funny talent to share? We'd love to hear from you.

Hayden Family/CANVA
Hayden Family/CANVA


This morning I was scouring social media to look for some good stories to write. When I saw Efena, I knew I found a gem. Her dad Paul Hayden says she's always performed the hilarious trick. I guess all dogs mark their turf differently!

"I’ve been trying to get her on video for quite some time. Every time she goes to pee, that’s the way she does it. She didn’t have to pee very much this time. She usually walks 3 feet or more.", Paul shared

Our little dog Efena can’t pee like other dogs!

That's hilarious! - Jason Jewell

She looks top heavy.
- Billy Easler


Because I've never seen a pup pee doing handstands, I had to find out if it was abnormal. According to Canidae.com, size matters to dogs. As well as peeing more frequently than larger dogs, smaller dogs lift their legs higher, in some cases into a handstand, to fool other dogs into thinking they’re bigger. This applies to both male and female dogs. And, it doesn't only apply to dogs, even pandas have been observed going to the bathroom with their back legs in the air. While it's not "normal", it's also not "abnormal" either! As Efena has gracefully shown us.

She's not alone!

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