Popular fast food chain, Wendy's has begun serving up a new breakfast dish exclusive to its restaurant locations across Indiana.

The Hoosier Biscuit Bowl

Hoosiers across Indiana can enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast with the new Hoosier Biscuit Bowl exclusively at participating Wendy's locations across Indiana. Served with a delicious, fresh-cracked egg, sausage and gravy, homestyle potatoes, and of course, a golden, fluffy biscuit, the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl should be on every Hoosier's breakfast list.

This homegrown breakfast serves up Hoosier pride and craveable ingredients in every bite


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Ordering One is a Slam Dunk

The Hoosier Biscuit Bowls are only available for a limited time at participating Wendy's locations in Indiana and are only available during breakfast hours. As part of the launch of the new breakfast bowl, the restaurant chain held a customer giveaway hosted by former Indiana University basketball star, Christian Watford at one of its Indianapolis locations. Wendy's is really driving home the tie between the breakfast bowl and Indiana Hoosiers' basketball.

Wendy's always delivers a better breakfast than the other guys, and the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl is no exception. From its fresh-cracked egg to its creamy sausage and gravy, there's no fouls when it comes to this premium meal. Wendy's is proud to fuel Hoosier fans with a hearty start to their day across the state, and the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl brings that home team love and comfort into every bite.

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Where to Get One

If you want to get your hands (and mouth) on one of Wendy's Indiana-exclusive Hoosier Biscuit Bowls, visit Wendy's online to find a location nearest to you. If you're not in the mood for breakfast bowls and biscuits, check out the list of ghost kitchens below that you can find in the Evansville area.

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