One of my favorite things to do on vacation when I jump off my itinerary, is to find really dope mini-golf courses. And if you don't think they dot the landscape with ever-increasing frequency, you are mistaken.

Mini-Golf...the More Elaborate, the Better

Seriously, what a great way to kill time that doesn't feel like "killing time" at all. We did that a few years ago at a truly amazing mini-golf park in northern Illinois called Volcano Falls.

It's really a great way to fill gaps on vacation. I look for them all the time when I have EXTRA time.

But I've never encountered "tech-infused" mini-golf, and it sounds like something I very much need in my life. For starters, when it comes to tech-infused mini golf, gone are those little bitty pencils and score sheets. As puts it:

Ever played tech-infused mini golf? We’ve thrown out the paper and pencils and replaced them with a super fun new scoring system for our 9-hole mini golf. Our balls track your gameplay and you can earn (or lose) points based on how you play.

Kentucky Will Soon Experience High-Tech Mini-Golf

As a relatively frequent mini-golfer (and I'm no good at it, by the way), keeping up with those pencils and finding a place where you can jot down your score can be a minor hassle. I'm glad someone's figured out how to not need those things.

The brainchild of brothers Stephen and Dale Joliffe and their buddy Adam Breeden, Puttshack opened its first location in London and has jumped "across the pond" and introduced the U.S. to a brand of mini-golf most of us have before seen.

Are you kidding me with those courses?

I can't wait until this opens, and it won't be long. Puttshack will open in Oxmoor Center in Louisville in April, giving Kentuckians, Hoosiers, and whoever else might wander in the chance to experience min-golf like never before. 25,000 square feet of 21st century mini-golf? I am HERE for it.

In a way, I think I've ALWAYS been here for it.

[SOURCE: WDRB-Louisville]

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