When I was a kid in school, I don't remember dreading Mondays like we all came to do when we entered the workforce.

In fact, the whole "I hate Mondays" thing became so pervasive in our consciousness that the world's laziest cat, Garfield, turned it into a trademark. (Although, I don't know why. He never works.)

There are companies across the land that have adopted a four-day work week. I've also heard of 3.5-day work weeks as well. A friend of mine in Phoenix works such a schedule.

But, for kids, there are only three-day weekends when we get the Monday holidays.

In one Colorado school district, however, that is no longer the case.

After reading a report about the move from 9News-Denver, it looks like the district in question made the call to help teachers in a variety of ways.

It also hopes to help in the recruitment and retention of teachers.

And the bottom line? Yep, money.

A representative from District 27J in Denver said that it "can no longer be expected to do more with less financial resources."

With two months left in the school year, it's uncertain, at this time, if the district is getting what they want out of this seismic educational shift.



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