When I was unpacking my Christmas decorations, I came across something kind of unusual at the bottom of a tote. It was a very lacy naughty nightie. Yep, nothing says GOOD WILL TOWARD MAN like a negligee, amiright?

So, no, it's not like a special gift for my husband or anything fun like that. It's actually a family heirloom. Stay with me here...

Every year, my husband's family hosts a big family Christmas party. The entire extended family comes into town for a one-day big family reunion. Eat ~ drink ~ be merry. And part of the merriment part of that is the Dirty Santa gift exchange.

You are supposed to find something in your house that you don't want or buy something silly to give to another person. Well, over a decade ago someone added a slinky little nightgown to the mix of unwanted gems and the tradition was born. Every year, the nightie finds its way to a new home to spend the holidays. The next year, it gets wrapped back up to sisterhood of the traveling pants its way to another victim.

Guess who got stuck with it last year. Guess who can't have a party this year because of stupid COVID...

Look, I can't let the magic die with me so here's what we are going to do. Everyone from the family who wants to participate is going to send me their name and address. I will be drawing names and contacting each person to give them the name and address of who I drew for them. I'll also encourage a nice note with a special memory to make the season bright. On one special day, we'll all video chat (probably on Facebook because it's easiest) and open them all together.

Virtual Dirty Santa party... done.

I'll be sending the nightie on its merry little way. Here are some other fun gift ideas though! (*As Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases.)

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