Hugh O. Potter, Jr., the son of long-time WOMI manager Hugh O. Potter, Sr. and WOMI Program Director Cliffordean Potter (a.k.a. Miss Joanna) has died at the age of 80. I learned of his passing from former WVJS staffer and Owensboro radio historian Jim Parr.

I had occasion to meet with Mr. Potter in his apartment in the Roosevelt House two years ago. We listened to some recordings he had from the WOMI heyday. He had some wonderful portraits of his mother, who is one of the few -- if any -- female radio program directors from the 1940's.

He and I did not have the opportunity to pursue his ideas for programs. I enjoyed visiting with him and when I would drive to WBKR-WOMI studios each morning I would look to see if his apartment light was on in the Roosevelt House. At 4 in the morning, more often than not, it was on.

Good night Hugh, Jr. It was nice knowing you.

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