Hunter Hayes may be a youngster on the country music scene at just 22 years old, but that's not stopping him. The singer will be tenacious with his next album, for which he's already written around 60 songs!

Although he is going full-force into writing, Hayes isn't stressing about timing. He's taking his time and making sure everything feels right before issuing new music. "The timetable is flexible, and I'm keeping it that way," he tells Billboard.

"I feel like my team's done a good job of giving me a ton of space. I've got some demos I'm finishing up now," he explains. "I've got about 60-some songs I've written for the next record. I finally feel like I've got enough material to pick my favorites from and go, 'OK, once again I feel like I"m honestly representing myself, I'm saying what I want to say. Nothing's missing.'"

In terms of honestly representing himself, the 'I Want Crazy' hitmaker isn't standing for a duplication of his first album, despite its tremendous success. He addresses that head-on, stating: "I didn't sit and write another 'Wanted' or another this and that."

Instead, Hayes plans to work again with 'Hunter Hayes' co-producer Dann Huff and will play almost as much as he did on the first record -- with a couple of songs he may even perform by himself. Although those variables will stay consistent, the incredibly talented country crooner will be branching out.

Says the singer, "I'll bring in some collaborators, too, musician-wise. I'll bring in some guys I haven't worked with but wanted to work with. I'm gonna lock down in the studio for about three months an just do it old school -- what I consider old school, at least, just 'Let's go in and make a record,' with not too much traveling in between. Just locked up in the studio trying to make a record."

Although he's deep in the process of his next album, Hayes will still be popping up. He is headlining his Let's Be Crazy Tour through the beginning of December.

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