Hurricane Warnings are now in effect for the entire Gulf Coast and many locals are being affected.  Here in the tristate, it's Fall Break for many school systems and we have lots of family and friends who had planned to spend their vacations in Panama City Beach, Florida and surrounding areas.  But now, Hurricane Michael has forced a mandatory evacuation in PCB and folks are split on how they're dealing with the news.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Some folks from the Owensboro-Daviess County area have chosen to ignore the "mandatory" evacuation and ride out the storm.  Others, like Lisa Hagan, have chosen to hit the road to find somewhere safer to spend their Fall Break.  In fact, Lisa evacuated her PCB condo and plans to travel west to Gulf Shores to join her daughter.

Scottie Morgan and his family tried to have some fun and make light of the situation.  Here's some video they snagged of their daughter battling Michael's winds . . .


However, after thinking about it and seeing the updated forecast, Scottie packed up the family and headed home to Muhlenberg County.

Selena Travis of Owensboro decided to pack up shop and head to a different part of Florida.  As a matter of fact, she and her family have already checked into a hotel in Jacksonville.  In her words, "Let's try this again!"

Some folks are a bit more brave.  Natalie Beth of Owensboro is in PCB with five other people.  They have decided to ride out the storm "despite the mandatory evacuation."  Many others are doing the same.  Some don't want to surrender their vacation plans.  Others look at this as the once-in-a-lifetime to experience a hurricane.  And Hurricane Michael is promising quite a show in the Gulf.

We'll continue to provide updates on Hurricane Michael.  We know we have lots of people from the WBKR listening area in the storm's path.  Stay safe!


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