How hilarious is this??   A couple of days ago, my mom came over and we went through a huge envelope of things my grandparents had saved for me.  There were newspaper clippings, some old baseball photos, my programs shows I did in high school and college and THIS!

Yes!  That's the program from the very first play I was ever in.  It's from my kindergarten class at Thruston Elementary School.  Clearly, the school had absolutely no intentions in paying royalties for a real play (LOL), so we just came up with our own.  It was called "A Kiddie Review" and featured "A Storybook Parade," "The Bunny Hop," and "Apple on a Stick."

Now, wait for it!  You'll never guess what my role in the show was.  Let's just say, if programs could predict the future, this one was right on.


I was the ANNOUNCER!  I guess I was typecast from a very early age.

I wish I remembered more about the show.  Clearly, by looking at the program, the play featured characters from classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  We had Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Goldilocks, Cinderella and more.

But there is one thing I remember vividly.  At some point in the show, Amanda Webster and I performed a song and dance to a song called "Apple on a Stick."  Now, I don't remember a single lyric from the song or dance step, but I remember being on stage with her.  As a matter of fact, I think my mom has a photo of us. If she can dig it up, I am going to share it with you.

I remember, at some point at Thruston, we did our version of "Hee Haw."  Naturally, I played the newscaster and opened the show with some funny "news" stories.  Again, if the school plays could predict the future . . .

Honestly, I think the plays at Thruston did.

Do you remember any of your school plays from when you were a kid?

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