Thruston Elementary

Owensboro Gift Store Sells Thruston Signs [Photo]
I know a bunch of people who are going to want one of these.  My friend David Stone snagged this sign for me as a Christmas present.  And I absolutely love it.  It's a great tribute to Thruston Elementary (where I went to school) and the community I grew up in.  Wanna know w…
Spinach and Pink Rice at Thruston Elementary School
Here's a Throwback Thursday tribute to Thruston Elementary School and the school lunches we had there.  While we typically enjoyed what we got to eat at Thurston, not everyday was rainbows and rectangular pizza.  No!  Some days were just horrifying.  About once a month, we were served one of the nas…
The Thruston Elementary School Fall Festival
Thruston Elementary School, peeps!  Who remembers the Fall Festival?  I was scrolling through Facebook Sunday and happened across Debbie Crowe's new Facebook cover photo.  Of course, back in the day, she was Mrs. Taylor and everyone at Thruston LOVED her bewitching alter ego.  In fact, "Witch T…
A Thruston Throwback Thursday
Over the weekend, my friend Lana McLimore visited her mother's church here in Owensboro.  And look who she ran into.  Coach Marx!!  If you went to Thruston Elementary School, there are some things about Mr. Marx you definitely remember!
A Blast from the Past
If you went to Thruston Elementary School, this is going to bring back a ton of memories from hanging out at the playground and the concession stand at the baseball diamonds.  You will never guess what I found this week.  LOOK!!
The Elementary School Library
To get ready for the Read Across America event Saturday at Towne Square Mall, I stopped by to see librarian Patti Moore at Newton Parrish Elementary school.  As soon as I walked in the room and saw the shelves full of books, I had instant flashbacks to the library at Thruston Elementary School where…

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