The late Buck Owens sang that song years ago on record and on Hee-Haw.I lived in New York from 1985-1986... well, technically I lived in Connecticut most of that time but worked on Park Avenue in Manhattan. I loved it.

You are always seeing celebrities on the streets. Among those I saw were Jane Seymour, Sigorney Weaver, Milton Berle and a lot more. There was always something exciting going on. Sometimes it was difficult to get from point a to point b. And, on other occasions someone showed me how to get from Grand Central Terminal to 400 Park Avenue where the WHN studios were located without going outside.

Now we can't take you magically to the Big Apple, but  if you have five minutes, this gentleman has reduced a Year in New York to Five Minutes. Try it and see if you like it better than ol' Buck.

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