Musical theatre fans recently mourned the closure of The Phantom of the Opera. The beloved Andrew Lloyd Weber musical played its final performance at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway in New York City just under a year ago. But it's about to get an unexpected resurrection.

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The final show in New York City played after 13,981 performances over 35 years. During that time frame, more than 20 million people walked through the doors of the Majestic, took their seats and watched the famous 'Phantom' chandelier rise into air and ultimately crash back down to the stage.

Phantom of the Opera debuted on Broadway back in 1988 and won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

The show ultimately won seven Tony Awards that year.

I will tell you. I was one of those 20 million people who saw The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway at the Majestic. I saw the show back in 2017 and enjoyed the mystery, the pageantry, the soaring and operatic score, and those remarkable special effects.

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Now, those iconic special effects are getting an exceptionally new and exciting upgrade of sorts at Europa-Park, a popular theme park in Germany.

The park just revealed a teaser trailer for it's new roller coaster. The virtual reality-fueled ride is called Eurosat Coastiality- The Phantom of the Opera.

Take a look!

The new attraction promises “The mystery and intrigue of this gripping love story, coupled with the thrill of a rollercoaster ride."

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