If you're like me, you have burned through Netflix during 2020.  I mean, we have all been stuck at home and we're running out of shows to watch, right?  Seriously!  I have plowed through the shows I love and burned through entire series I missed the first time around.  Yes.  I'll admit it.  We just made it through Stranger Things . . . finally!  That's a show I came to late, but loved every single second of it.

Well, as I anxiously await Season Three of Cobra Kai (later this week!!), I have stumbled across a new show that I highly recommend.

So, full confession.  I love suspense thrillers.  I mentioned Stranger Things, which I found completely captivating.  And Game of Thrones??  One of my all-time favorites- hands down.   Shows like that are the shows I go to first.  I have pretty dark tastes in entertainment.  Example- I started watching the British true crime documentary The Ripper a couple of days ago.  And while that show is riveting, my new guilty pleasure is even more so.

Have you heard of Sweet Home?  If not, check out the official trailer . . .

Okay, so let me run down the basic premise for you.  Something is "infecting" the human population in South Korea and turning people into monsters.  Like, legit, stuff-that-nightmares-are-made-of monsters.  The main focus of the show is the group of people who live in a high-rise apartment building that is overrun, inside and out, with these "monsters."  It's an intriguing (and, at times, gory) battle for survival that's full of fun twists and turns and some gasp-out-loud scares.

The show, which debuted on Netflix on December 18th, contains ten episodes.  I am halfway through and plan to wrap it up before Cobra Kai starts streaming at the end of the week.  And, while I admit the dubbing is a little distracting at first, you'll quickly forget about it.  The stars of this show are its monsters- the humans that have morphed into them and those humans that harbor monstrous tendencies outside of the "infections."

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