For over 10 years this trip has been planned, discussed and finally in 2018 it will become a reality! My Mom will be looking down and smiling the whole time. I made her a promise the last time I saw her that it would happen. It just took a little whole longer than expected.

Barb Birgy

Since I moved to Kentucky in 1994, almost every single vacation was taken "Up North". Whether we spent time in Traverse City or at our family cabin in Canada it was a given that our vacations would be in Michigan. We made so many beautiful memories and who knew that we'd lose my parents within 8 months of each other at just 67 years old and the memories would stop? I wouldn't trade any of those vacation moments, but it did make it hard to take a vacation anywhere else.

The last week I spent with Mom before she passed away, she made me promise that I would take the vacation I'd always talked about. She insisted and I never wanted to let her down. Well, life got in the way since she passed away on January 3rd, 2014. The time is NOW to make new memories! New York here we come.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

So...we'll be flying into Washington D.C., spend a day and night, then take a train with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore and then spend several days in New York City and  fly home out of New York. Yes, I'm like the Chevy Chase of vacations! I've spent time in all of these cities, but mostly for work. My husband has never been to any of these cities so it's going to be epic!

Here's to making memories with your family. Taking time for you and making the most of 2018!