He/she/it is lovable, vivacious, and a little on the hefty side, but that's Big Red. SB Nation College Football has taken on the monumental task of calculating the weight of all 129 college mascots. Who knew a Golden Hurricane (Tulsa) weighed over a million pounds? Watch!


Unknown? Let me let SB Nation in on a little secret, there's a human inside all that mystery fluff! However, Big Red is so unique most of his secrets are better left locked away in a vault in the catacombs of Diddle Arena. Yes, I consider Red Grimace to be a boy. I had no idea a wildcat only weighed 15 pounds. Yes, birds, cardinals way a lot less, ha ha, very funny!

Not to be outdone, Big Red has officially weighed himself:


WKU's first football game of the season is next Thursday (9/1) when they host the Rice University Owls. I think Big Red can fit an owl in his mouth.

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