So, I saw a McDonald's ad on my Facebook timeline which is not uncommon, but it was definitely not what I expected. At first, I even thought it was one of those spoof pages that photoshops weird things in unexpected places. It was just so random! The official McDonald's Facebook page announced on August 24th that they are entering their "buttered corn era." What in the world?

I do love me some corn. When we went to the Kentucky State Fair last week, I even had a special moment with my ear in a cup before going full typewriter mode on it, but paired with a Big Mac? I am not so sure I would order those two things together. Also, how can a person go to McDonald's and not get those glorious hot salty fries with their sandwich?

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The comments on the Facebook post had me cracking up!

"I wanted the steak, egg, and cheese bagel back but sureeee, corn will do!" - Daisy Robles Munoz

"In what language does “snack wrap” translate to “corn please?” -Kathryn Adams

"McDonald’s knew what we all wanted, we woke up one day and said “mmm corn, think imma head to McDonald’s and get me a cup o’ corn I’ve been craving”" -Amanda Barrett

"It's corn
A big lump with knobs
It has the juice (it has the juice)
I can't imagine a more beautiful thing (woo)
It's corn" -Melodie Moss quoting the adorable "corn kid" song

Well, after further investigation, it looks like this random menu addition is only available in Singapore for now. If you check it out, you'll see that a lot of their menu looks like ours except for a few additional items I'm pretty envious of, I have to say. They also have fried chicken, wings, salads, and even Jasmine iced tea. The cherry on top of my jealousy sundae has to be the Snack Wraps AKA McWraps! Why won't McDs bring that back in the US?! Speaking of sundaes, I wonder if the ice cream machines work better over in Singapore?


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