National Taco Day is a great day for a fiesta! Now the question is. If you're seeking authentic and mouthwatering tacos, where are you headed?

National Taco Day is here, so let's eat! How do you like your tacos? Beef, chicken, veggies, or fish? Do you like all topping varieties, or are you fussy like me? I only like meat, cheese, tomatoes, and a little on the spicy side. Perfectly seasoned meat is key when eating a great taco. There's nothing better than delicious house-made queso to top it off. We have a wide variety of restaurants that serve some of the best tacos around! If you are craving a delicious taco, where is your spot to get your taco fix?

Top Owensboro Mexican Restaurants Based on Google Reviews

Whether you like fajitas, tacos, tortillas, or enchiladas, there are many restaurants to choose from in Owensboro. Mexican cuisine has such a delicious blend of spices, seasonings, and fresh ingredients, it shouldn't be a surprise it's so popular. It isn't just about the food but also the decorative ambiance and experience. Here are the most popular spots for authentic Mexican food in Owensboro, based on customer/google reviews.

Gallery Credit: Barb Birgy

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