There are countless examples of awesome architecture in the United States, but one website says this Indiana building isn't one of them.

The Empire State Building, the White House, the Willis Tower, and the World's Largest Basket Building in Ohio, are all buildings that you can look at in amazement. As you know, we have so many buildings scattered throughout the United States that are simply breathtaking. I'm sure you can think of some even here locally. However, for every beautiful building we have, there's also one that can be a bit unsightly.

The website, Travel A Lot, ranked the most unsightly buildings in each state. The post says that there are buildings that range from depressingly boring to truly bonkers. Naturally, I was curious as to which building would be named the ugliest in Indiana. I kind of thought it would be somewhere in Gary, since it was also named one of the ugliest cities in America. However, I was wrong. Let's find out what the ugliest building in Indiana is.

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The Ugliest Building in Indiana

According to Travel A Lot, the ugliest building in Indiana can be found in the capital city of Indianapolis. It's the Minton-Capehart Federal Building.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Granted, it just looks like a building to me, but Travel A Lot had some thoughts:

In addition to being called one of the ugliest buildings in the state, the Minton-Capehart Federal Building has also been referred to a "pigeon coop", which is a much more vivid description of this building's shortcomings. Although the building was designed by local architects, they used the brutalist style, which feels much more at home in the Soviet Union than Indiana.
Google Maps
Google Maps

So, what do you think? Is this really the ugliest building in the state of Indiana, or is there another building more deserving of that honor?

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