One Indiana wildlife rescue has taken another bald eagle into their care.

Rescue Says This is the Fifth Bald Eagle to Come Into Their Care This Year

Humane Wildlife Indiana says in a post to social media that they are "shocked!" The bald eagle currently in their care is the fifth bald eagle they have rescued this year. In the nine years prior, the rehabilitation facility had cared for thirteen bald eagles. So taking in five in just four months is certainly shocking to them.

Hypothermic Bald Eagle Found in Michigan City

They say that the increase in bald eagle rehabilitation cases is in indication that the population of bald eagles is growing in Northwest Indiana. In this particular case, it is an adult bald eagle that was found suffering from hypothermia near Reynolds Creek Game Bird Habitat Area in Michigan City.

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Couple on a Run Spotted the Distressed Eagle and Called for Help

A couple were out on a run when they spotted an adult bald eagle barely conscious and soaking wet in a flooded ditch. The couple contacted the Indiana Department of Natural Resources who then contacted the wildlife rescue. After a quick stay in the couple's barn with a heating pad, the eagle was transported to the wildlife rescue.

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The Rescue Began Care and the Eagle's Temperature Started to Rise

Humane Wildlife Indiana says they placed the eagle inside an oxygenator and continued with heating pads to slowly increase the bird's core body temperature to 106° - the normal body temperature for a bald eagle.

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Canva, Humane Indiana Wildlife

The Eagle Opened Its Eyes and Tried to Stand

It took nearly an hour but the resilient bald eagle began to open its eyes and attempt to stand. Oxygen was removed, but supplemental heat was continued. Fluids were also administered and the bird was tested for lead toxicity, as well as rodenticide poison. All the testing came back negative.

Body Temperature Returned to Normal But Still on the Road to Recovery

Humane Wildlife Indiana says the bald eagle has returned to a normal body temperature. However, it is still on the road to recovery.

While certainly not out of the woods, the eagles body temperature has returned to normal and it is much more alert and trying to stand. There is really no telling how long it had been laying in the flooded ditch, but this bird is very lucky to be alive right now. We are so grateful to Mark and his family, as well as Conservation Officer Brock, for helping get this bird into our care.

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Another Bald Eagle Rescue Story from Humane Wildlife Indiana

In recent weeks, Humane Wildlife Indiana rescued a juvenile bald eagle that was found to have high blood levels of lead after it was spotted not moving from the same location for three days. Chelating treatments were administered to help remove the lead and other heavy metals from its bloodstream.

How to Support Humane Wildlife Indiana

To help support the care of both of these bald eagles, and the other wildlife in their care, you can made a donation to Humane Wildlife Indiana on their website. All donations help them continue providing care for animals in need.

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