A bill has now been signed into law in Indiana that will bring a bobcat hunting season to the Hoosier State. Here's what you need to know.

Senate Bill 241 Has Been Signed into Law by Indiana Governor Holcomb

Senate Bill 241 has passed both the Indiana Senate and House, and earlier this week the bill landed on the desk of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb where he signed it into law.

What Does Senate Bill 241 Do?

Now that it has been signed into law, Senate Bill 241 will require the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to establish a hunting season for bobcats in the state and the organization has until July 1, 2025, to do it.

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What Was The Law in Indiana for Bobcats Before?

Prior to the new law, and before it takes effect in Indiana a nuisance wildlife control permit is required to remove a bobcat. Indiana DNR does offer a Wildlife Complaint Form, as well as an option to report sightings of bobcats, as well as black bears, mountain lions, gray foxes, and gray wolves, just to name a few.

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Does Indiana Need a Bobcat Hunting Season?

Those who were in opposition of the bill argued that there was no need for a bobcat hunting season. Indianapolis's Fox59 points out that bobcats were on the endangered species list in the Hoosier State for fifty years before finally being removed in 2005. They say that sightings have increased over the years, but some doubt that they have grown in population enough to necessitate a hunting season.

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What Do Bobcats Look Like?

Describing the physical characteristics of bobcats, the DNR notes that they have short tails measuring less than six inches in length. Their fur is reddish-brown or tan in color with a white belly and black marks on the inside of their legs. Some individuals may have spots scattered throughout their coats, and they possess distinctive white-backed black ears. Typically, bobcats weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and measure 30 to 50 inches in length.

What to Do If You Spot a Bobcat in Indiana

If you happen to spot a bobcat in Indiana, the DNR encourages you to report the sighting through a form available on their website. This information helps the DNR monitor and better understand the distribution and behavior of these remarkable animals in the state.

[Source: Fox59]

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