Do you know what's cooler than driving to a local farm to pick your perfect pumpkin? Riding the Illinois Railway Museum's Halloween-themed 'Pumpkin Train' to pick your perfect pumpkin!


Family-Friendly Halloween Fun in Illinois

My two daughters are 10 and 7 years old and they LOVE Halloween. They have been asking Alexa to play Halloween music since the beginning of August...they have already watched both 'Hocus Pocus' movies at least twice this month... and last weekend their grandmother traumatized them by showing them the Michael Jackson 'Thrlller' video for the very first time. LOL!

The only reason I'm bringing up my daughters' new ban on anything 'Thriller' is to prove one point; Halloween is full of spooky fun...but a lot of it is too scary for sensitive, young children.

If you want to expand your kids' Halloween fun beyond trunk-or-treats and visits to the apple orchard or pumpkin farm, why not head to Union, Illinois, and hop on the Illinois Railway Museum's Pumpkin Train?

Illinois Railway Museum's Pumpkin Train

I don't know about your kids, but my girls would be ALL over this and think riding a real train is the coolest thing ever.

Illinois Railway Museum via Facebook
Illinois Railway Museum via Facebook

Illinois Railway Museum's 'Pumpkin Train' is hitting the tracks this weekend, October 14 and 15, and next weekend, October 21 and 22, and here's a preview of the fun that awaits...

Enjoy a ride to our pumpkin patch aboard Halloween-themed electric interurban trains. While at the patch, ask our farm hands to help you find the perfect pumpkin, and pose for pictures in our various colorful, life size cutouts, as well as an antique farm tractor and hay wagon.

Kids are encouraged to come in costume to ride the Pumpkin Train, so I'm guessing some treats will be in store too. For Pumpkin Train admission prices and hours of operation, click here.

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