You're familiar with the "dog days of summer," right? Well, the term used to describe the hottest period of time during the summer has a counterpart, according to K9 Sprinter:

The “dog days of winter” refers to a period of time during the winter season that feels particularly long and dreary. This time can vary depending on where you live, but it typically falls somewhere between mid-January and late February. During this period, the weather is often cold and cloudy, and there’s not much to do outside.

Hey, this hits me where I live because I love being outdoors. But just like during summer's "dog days," that's not easy in mid-winter. That's why the few days when the temperatures are above normal are extra special.

The Louisville Mega-Cavern

But you know what? There's plenty to do INSIDE during Kentucky winters. Yep, not every attraction has an "off-season." And that includes the Louisville Mega-Cavern. Yes, it hits peak traffic levels during Halloween and Christmas, as expected, but you can zipline year-round in the cavern, where it's always 58 degrees. It's the only underground zipline in the world.

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Churchill Downs

But if ziplining isn't your game, head over to Churchill Downs. You don't have to wait until the Kentucky Derby to enjoy this historic landmark.

And I can attest to how fascinating Churchill Downs is at OTHER times of the year; I've never even BEEN there in May, and I've enjoyed myself every single time. Museums are my jam.

Newport Aquarium

There could be a foot of snow on the ground, and as long as the roads were okay, you could still get your shark on. Or your eel. Or your octopus. The Newport Aquarium laughs in the face of winter and gives fans exciting and educational opportunities all year long. It may be 25 degrees outside (well, it isn't now, but you know what I mean), but you can still have a blast inside the aquarium Monday through Friday from 10-5, Saturdays from 9-6, and Sundays from 10-6.

Corvette Museum

You should treat yourself to a tour of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. While suspension of tours of the assembly plant begins February 5th, there's no shortage of fun to be had in the museum itself. And, of course, NO ONE leaves without a picture of the sinkhole which is as eerie an exhibit as it is fascinating.

Mammoth Cave

Naturally, I couldn't exit this list of suggestions without mentioning perhaps the top FREE activity in Kentucky, and that would be a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park. Raise your hand if you sometimes take for granted the fact that one of the most mind-boggling natural wonders on this planet is right under our noses?

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list, but the larger list IS a big one. Just do like I did and search "Kentucky winter attractions" and you will be good to go. There's so much to do in Kentucky, you just can't limit it to three seasons.

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