If you are planning a road trip to visit all of the restaurants in Kentucky that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, don't head out yet. There is a little bit of research that needs to be done first. Not all of the joints are still open.  But WHY did they close?

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J.J. McBrewster's - Lexington, KY - CLOSED

While I'm not sad that I never had the chance to try the hickory-smoked goat platter and mutton dinner, Guy loved their sauce when he visited in 2014. I clicked the link from The Food Network to J.J. McBrewster's website, and this is what appeared.

J.J. McBrewster's
J.J. McBrewster's

Over on the Facebook page, I found our answer. The crew retired!

J.J. McBrewster's
J.J. McBrewster's

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 Parkette Drive-In - Lexington, KY - CLOSED

I used to live in Lexington, in fact, my son was born there. The Parkette Drive-In was a super popular part of the city's history. Watch Manager Randy Kaplan make the heartbreaking announcement explaining why the Parkette Drive-In was closed by the new (Old) owners.

Guests of the Parkette have some very strong opinions about the abrupt closing:

Lexington was not given “closure” to this closure. After so many years of patronage, the least they could have done was make an announcement so folks could stop in one last time. Not the ending I’m sure Mr. Smiley would have wanted to the iconic restaurant he started. ~Tami Whitaker Raleigh


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Virgil's Cafe - Bellevue, KY - CLOSED

Virgil's Cafe was featured on Triple D in 2011 and shared with their loyal customers that they were closing in December 2015.

It is with heavy heart that we let you know that Virgil’s Café has closed its doors. It has been a fantastic 6 ½ years & an honor to be a part of the Bellevue community. We greatly appreciate all the years you have allowed us to work with you & serve you. We greatly appreciate all the years you have allowed us to work with you & serve you. We have had many loyal guests, employees, & vendors as part of the Virgil’s family and truly value the lasting relationships we’ve made throughout our time here. 

In 2018, former owner Chef Matthew Buschle partnered with several other chefs for a new venture in Ft. Thomas, KY. 

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Smokey Valley Truck Stop - Olive Hill, KY - CLOSED


After 42 years of making homemade coconut pies and other favorites, the Smokey Valley Truck stop closed in September of 2015. It certainly wasn't the Triple D curse that forced the truck stop to close, it was the plumbing. Unfortunately, the owner was going to have to basically start from scratch with an all-new sewage system to comply with the city. That cost was just too much, and Mrs. Flannery decided to close. But she'll never forget meeting Guy Fieri in 2008.

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