So, last week, I was on the road at Hometown IGA. Long story short, I locked the keys inside the WBKR van. (I know, I know!) While I was waiting for sweet lil' Emily Carter to bring me an extra set, I started going thru my purse....well, I found some pretty interesting things...Let me just list them for you....

9 Lip gloss's (I know, I thought this number would be higher too!)

3 Crayons

Wallet and checkbook

My old cell phone...why?!?!

Pack of bobbie pins

Legendary Live Parking Pass (From May)

House Keys

Birthday Party Invite (From March)

Jaclyn Graves Tailgater CD (Y'all should have this too! :)


Some spices

A cup of peaches


Set List from a show in June

A nice collection of Carsyn's hairbows


A Belt

Wow... I should check out my purse more often! But, what did I do?? Yep, just shoved it all right back in there! Haha...that's what it's for, right??