If you heard my show yesterday, you heard the interview with Tyler Miles and Larissa Lewis who are going to the Owensboro Catholic High prom thanks to Jake Owen. Well, we here at WBKR, along with Monica the Twitter Girl, think Jake should actually COME to the OCHS prom. And thanks to some diligent Twitter-work from Monica, we now know that the prom date, April 28th, is an open one for Jake. Plus, CMT has picked up on the story. And Tyler's getting messages from friends in Arizona saying that stations out there are talking bout it to. So the campaign is ON! We are now officially going to try to get Jake Owen to the OCHS prom! Hey, the man answers his tweets. And he's one of the nicest guys in country music! What, seriously, do we have to lose? And, besides, this IS OWENsboro.