Country artist Jana Kramer is reprising her role as Nationwide's super sleuth in the company's newest commercial.

She's again clad in a skin-tight black leather outfit, and this time, she's even stealthier. The singer flies into the window of a high-rise apartment, hanging onto a rope. As she lands on the ground, she turns and gives the camera a sly look, before replacing fire damaged items in the apartment with brand new items.

Among the things she replaces are a toaster, coffee pot, food processor, and laptop. After she's done with her good work, Kramer does a few gymnastics moves across the kitchen, launching gracefully out of the home and into the night sky.

The commercial targets renters who want to protect their goods. Says Kramer, “As someone who has rented myself, I know that protecting my belongings is a big priority."

“I loved being a part of this commercial as the concept was really fun to shoot and I think the message is a good reminder to renters.”

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