He's coming back for more!  World champion eater Joey Chesnut is coming back to Owensboro.  Last year, Joey was in town for the inaugural World Mutton Slider Eating Championships.  He ate 55 quarter-pound mutton sandwiches in 10 minutes.  If you're trying to do the math, I'll help.  He literally ate FOURTEEN pounds of meat in ten minutes.  And, this May, he's coming back for more!

The International Bar-B-Q Festival is May 11th and 12th in downtown Owensboro.  And this year's marquee event, the World Mutton Slider Eating Championship 2, will take place at 4pm on Saturday, May 12th.

Among the professional eaters competing will be Joey Chesnut, who has won multiple titles in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is ranked #1 in Major League Eating.  He's also the defending champion here in Owensboro.

Last year, before his first date with mutton, Joey stopped by the WBKR studio to chat with me and Angel.

Last year, Joey went into the World Mutton Slider Eating Championships presented by Kentucky Legend blind.  He had never tasted mutton.  Well, after eating 55 sandwiches in ten minutes it's safe to assume he developed a taste for it quickly.  So, the question is this.  Can Joey beat his own world record this year?  Or will someone challenge him for the title?

And stay tuned!  We'll soon be sharing details about how YOU could possibly compete in the contest.





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