If you check out the video for country music star Jordan Davis' new song, you will see a man that you could easily pass walking on the streets of Owensboro.  That man is Colt Walker, who works locally as an auto detailer while he continues to pursue a modeling, acting and music career.

I've known Colt since he was a kid.  His mom Jennifer and I have known each other for years and played on the same coed softball team.

Colt Walker
Colt Walker

Colt grew up hanging around the dugout.  I have watched this kid grow up and turn into a young man who pursues his dreams with abandon.

From moving to New York City and temporarily living in his car to pursue modeling, to photographing rising stars in the world of hip hop and having one of his photos featured in a billboard campaign in the Big Apple, Colt has always just gone for it.  Sure, there have been setbacks. He'll be the first one to tell you that he "doesn't belong in Owensboro." But he's here and is still finding a way of making his dreams come true. He's still in pursuit of them. And for every setback, there's a win. This is certainly one of them.

Colt is featured prominently in Jordan Davis' brand new video for his hit song "Next Thing You Know". He landed the job through AMAX, his talent agency in Nashville. In the video, he plays the younger version of a man whose life plays out in front of our eyes. The theme of Jordan's song is simple- major life events play out quickly as the clock ticks and, "the next thing you know", we're experiencing a sequence of rapidly occurring milestones.

Check out Colt in the video here!


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