Folks who are not from the area usually just take a flyer on how to pronounce some of the city and county names in Kentucky and the tri-state.

I've come up with seven--including one in Indiana--that invariably are mispronounced by those not familiar with this part of the country.

Let's start right here in our own backyard.

You CANNOT pronounce Daviess County day-VEEZ County. Can't do it. They already have one of those up in Indiana.

Think of the mass confusion during weather warnings.

At this very moment, I'm writing this in Muhlenberg County. But I've heard more than just a handful of people go with MULL-en-berg County. And then there's the MOO-len-berg contingent.

If you don't put that "Y" sound in there right after the "M," we'll just have to continue the conversation at a later time.

Branching a little further out, we find Robards, Kentucky. I have to confess to having been thrown by this one--on SEVERAL occasions--back in the day before I got used to it.

There was a great actor named Jason Robards--last name pronounced ROE-bards. That is the INCORRECT pronunciation for ROBB-erds, Kentucky.

Down around the lakes, we have Cadiz, Kentucky. KAY-DEEZ. Both syllables are in all-caps because both syllables seem to be equally emphasized. This will trick some folks into calling it kuh-DEEZ, KAY-dizz, or kuh-DIZZ.

Makes me bristle just thinking about it.

Over in central Kentucky, we forgo any semblance of the original French and say ver-SAILS, Kentucky. In France, it's ver-SIGH. But, hey, that's France. They can do whatever they want.

Up next, we'll stick with "anglicizing" the French and call Dubois County exactly what it should be called...doo-BOIZ County.

If you really WANT to call it doo-BWAH, I guess no one can stop you. But you'll be wrong.

Finally we have the biggest city in the Commonwealth and an old favorite when it comes to pronunciation.

See, I don't know if WE'RE doing it wrong or THEY'RE doing it wrong.

For my entire life, the accepted pronunciation of Louisville has been LOO-uh-vull, with that "uh" syllable barely in there.

But I hear sports announcers or other folks from out of state go with the obvious--LOO-ee-vill.

That MIGHT be correct. But it just sounds so ridiculous.

So there you have it. My own personal pronunciation guide for Kentucky and the tri-state. Please feel free to send out to friends and family afar.


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