Choosing what to name your baby is a very important task. Studies have shown that a person's name can affect their success in life. Whether it be in school or finding a job once reaching adulthood.


Do you honor a family member by passing along their name to the next generation? My parents named me Mary-Katherine after my grandmothers. My paternal Memaw was Mary and my maternal Grandma was Katherine. Luckily they had names that went well together. I wasn't given a middle name though since my first name was two combined with a hyphen.

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That brings me to another thing to consider. Will your child's name lead to any teasing at school? I know for me the teasing came later with grown-ups. A plethora of Mary Katherine Gallagher jokes (you know the SNL character who smells her armpits?) or questions about whether I had plans to become a nun. It's annoying, but my parents also gifted me with a sense of humor to brush it off or make jokes right back!

I've always loved having a unique name. I only knew a couple of other Mary-Katherines and didn't go to school or church with any of them, so when I heard my name I always knew the person was talking to me. It's partially why we named our son after Henry Rollins, our favorite punk rocker/author/activist/all-around awesome human. I knew no one else in our circle of friends and acquaintances would have that name and it would be special to him. Well, and his namesake.

If all of these factors seem overwhelming, never fear! Once you find the right one, you will know. If you need a little help, I have put together a list of names inspired by towns in the great state of Kentucky. Lots of these places are named after founders or have really cool stories behind them that are worth a Google. Sorry you won't find Beaver Dam or Possum Trot, but those might make good funny nicknames!

Baby Names Inspired by Kentucky Towns



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