My penchant for "listing" things--NCAA Tournament teams and winners, my own music charts, Oscar winners, etc.--began in 1979 in Louisville.

We went to Churchill Downs during Spring Break that year and to the Kentucky Derby Museum on the grounds of the historic old track.

I'd never given much thought to the Kentucky Derby until I saw all the champions in the museum and then I wanted to know much more.

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So it was then that I began listing the names of all the previous Derby winners and kept it up until I just sort of drifted away from it in the early 90s. To be honest, I grew more and more discouraged the further away we got from having an actual Triple Crown winner; remember, we went 37 years between Affirmed in 1978 and American Pharaoh in 2015.

Had the offer I just discovered been available 40 years ago, we would have gone every single year.

This year during the week of March 27th through April 3rd, kids 14 and younger will be able to tour the Kentucky Derby Museum for free.

Now, a LOT has been added to the museum since I was a kid, naturally, and I'd imagine that 360-degree theater is a major highlight. In it, you'll enjoy and 18-minute film detailing the history of the "Greatest Race."

Plus, there will be scavenger hunts (always fun) and crafts the kids will love. I have no doubt the adults will, too.

Plus there are two floors of interactive exhibits.

All the details you need plus some event schedules are available on the Derby Museum's website.

Hey, if you're not headed to a beach this Spring Break, head to the track. It's the best one on Earth, in my opinion and it' practically in our backyard.

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[SOURCE: WDRB-Louisville]

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