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Is It Derby-Pie or Derby-Pie®? [VIDEO]
Who doesn't enjoy a good piece of Derby-Pie? It's basically a glorified pecan pie, only the filling consists of a bourbon and chocolate chip mix with a hard nut top and pastry crust. What I didn't know is that the lauded dessert has a registered trademark. Take a look at the story of …
Lady A At The Ky Derby
The 142nd "Run For The Roses" is quickly approaching, and this year, the Bluegrass tradition will be a little more country. Lady Antebellum was just announced to sing the National Anthem at the Kentucky Derby!
Jac Talks With Travis Tritt!
This past weekend, I had a blast covering the Kentucky Derby! I got to sample drinks, wear big hats and bet on some ponies! I also got to chat with some celebrities, including one of my favorite country artist... Travis Tritt!
Now, we were at the Fillies and Stallions party and it was very, very late…
How Did Jac’s Horse Do at the 2015 Kentucky Derby?
Jaclyn and I went to the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. Well, there was NO internet throughout the entire city - especially at the race - so we had to wait until today to bring you this last video. See if Jac's horse won and a special KY Derby rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home...

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