If you are an animal lover this will truly hit home.  A family from Owensboro is seeking help finding their dog that got off its leash.


This was posted by Daisy's Owners;

Daisy has been found! I can’t thank all of you kind people enough for what y’all did. And to the woman who picked her up you made my family come back together. I’m extremely thankful and glad we moved to Owensboro. I love you all and thank you so much. I’m so happy my family is back.  Six days running around Owensboro like a wild puppy, who said pitbull can’t survive in the cold


Angel here and if you have ever lost an animal you know it is one of the worst feelings in the world when your special furry friends go missing.  An Owensboro pup is missing and the clock is ticking in these cold temps.


Miss Daisy has been missing since Friday, January 21.  Here owners have been frantically searching for her and need our help to bring her home.

Here's what happened to sweet Daisy;

Yesterday morning around 11 am around the Town Square Mall area our pitbull daisy took off running and got off the leash. We still haven’t heard anything and we just want our dog back.

The family is offering a $50 reward for the safe return.

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The family has driven around in the area where Daisy lives.  Her owners have placed food for her behind Sam's club which is where she was spotted in hopes she finds it and hasn't gone hungry.  They want to bring her home because they know it is super cold outside and is concerned with her safety.  The best way to help is to go and share Daisy's photo and this article with others so her face is blanketed in our community.  If you see Daisy she may or may not come to you but you can stop and contact her owners, Matt (2704994259) or Joice (2705842878).

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