One Kentucky State Park has been home to some larger-than-life wooden giants known simply as The Big Twigs and the Big Twig family just got twice as big!

14-Foot Giants

These 14-foot tall sculptures welcome guests to Lake Malone State Park thanks to a partnership between the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission and Kentucky State Parks. Previously, there were three of these towering twig sculptures by artist Steve Brauch of Brainchild Creative LLC. The three original Big Twigs are located at parks campsites, as well as at its lakeside fishing area, and at its hiking trails. The Big Twigs are free and open to the public for viewing and photo opportunities.

Kentucky Big Twigs
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Growing Family

The Big Twigs, also known as the Malone family include Happy, Oakley, and Bobber are happy to welcome Annette, Paige, and Wattson, who are also the artistic work of Steve Brauch.

The Big Twigs, a family of three giants, “Happy Malone,” “Oakley Malone,” and “Bobber Malone”, have welcomed three new members to the family! These three new larger-than-life characters include “Annette Malone” who will be found in the park chasing butterflies, “Paige Malone” who will spend her time under a tree reading her favorite book, and “Wattson Malone” who will be seen admiring his jar of lightning bugs at the edge of the woods.
The Big Twigs have had an incredibly positive local and regional impact as they have welcomed growing numbers of guests to the park!
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More on Lake Malone State Park

Lake Malone State Park is located at State Route 8001 in Dunmor, Kentucky. There you will find more than 200 acres of land perfect for hiking, camping, picnics, and play. Lake Malone is a 788-acre lake with massive 50-foot sandstone bluffs. Surrounding the lake you will find hardwood forests where mountain laurel, holly, and dogwood trees grow in abundance.

[Souce: Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission]

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