I guess it was a few years ago, or so, when John Calipari began his annual tradition of picking apart the NCAA region in which Kentucky was placed.

I vividly remember his "complaints" about being a 4-seed in the same region where 5-seed Indiana was placed two years ago.

"Complaints" is in quotation marks because I don't think he was really complaining so much as he was wondering why Indiana, that year, was seeded so low AND why Kentucky, that year, was seeded so low.

I agreed on both counts. Had the old rivals been properly seeded they wouldn't have met as early as they did.

Of course, Indiana WON and then was throttled by North Carolina. I think the Hoosiers would've advanced farther had they been placed correctly. I feel the same way about Kentucky. But that's water under the bridge.

I said all that to say all this...every college hoops analyst with a keyboard cannot WAIT for John Calipari to, as they say, "whine" about where his team is headed.

I think he does it now just for laughs or motivation.

Thing is, UK was placed in the South region this year and the South region has utterly collapsed.

For the first time EVER, a 16-seed beat a 1-seed. For the first time EVER, there are no top four seeds in a region.

And both of those history-making occurrences OCCURRED in the South region, where Kentucky--a 5-seed--is the highest REMAINING seed.

And now, everywhere you look, you see things like, "I wonder if Cal is complaining about his draw, now."

I happen to believe he has the utmost respect for EVERY one of his opponents and won't let his team CARE about the next opponent's seed.

Good grief...in a year that has seen some of the biggest upsets and biggest comebacks in tournament history, how in the WORLD could you judge ANY team based on its seed?

Kentucky takes on Kansas State Thursday night at about 8:37PM...or 30 minutes after the first game, which begins at 7:07, comes to an end.

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