Kentucky Highway crews in District 2 has trucks on the road in 7 counties in response to snow squalls that left behind about 1/2 to 1 inch of snow in some areas.

At this hour, crews are out plowing and treating highways in Caldwell, Christian, Hancock, Hopkins, McLean, Muhlenberg, and Ohio counties.  Henderson County had trucks on the road for a few hours starting just before midnight, mainly spot-treating bridges and overpasses.

We have additional crews on the road treating bridges, overpasses, and other potential trouble spots starting at 7:00 a.m.

As a reminder, salt and other ice-fighting chemicals have significantly reduced impact when the temperature drops below about 16 degrees Fahrenheit.   This morning the temperature at Henderson is at 11 degrees.  With an 8 mile per hour wind with gusts to 20 mph, the wind chill factor is at -3 degrees.

The extreme cold is going to severely limit the ability of highway crews to improve driving conditions until temperatures rise after daylight.

Motorists ventureing out on the morning commute should be prepared to encounter snow covered roadways in areas where the snow showers have moved through.  They should also be fully prepared for brutally cold temperatures.

With extreme cold temperatures, something as simple as a flat tire or dead battery that would normally be an inconvenience can become life-threatening very quickly.  Please be prepared.  For more info on preparing for extreme cold please go to and look for winter weather preparedness.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews in District 2 are prepared to do what they can to improve driving conditions.  However, extreme cold will hamper those efforts over the next few days.

Updates as appropriate.

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Navigatge Traffic at GoKY.KY.Gov or at or via the WAZE App.

Keith Todd, KY TRANSPORTATION CABINET Public Information Officer

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