Now that it's officially summer, I'm sure you've ventured out to your local pool, your pool, or the water park, and you've gone through several cycles of washing your swimsuit. Here's my question, how do you clean it?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to properly clean my swimsuit. Here's what I do: my swimsuit goes into a shopping bag for transporting home, I rinse it out well, I hang it up to dry overnight, and the next day, it may or may not be completely dry. Regardless, I throw it in with all of my other laundry set for the washing machine at my parents' house in Ohio County.

It's important to point out, that I don't get out into the water that much during the summer. Yes, it cools me off, but in my elder years (LOL), I'd rather be chilling inside with the air conditioning.

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However, there are many steps to keeping your swimsuit clean and fresh that I frankly don't have time for since I'm extremely low maintenance. Can you throw your swimsuit into the washing machine? Yes, but it's better to put it in a mesh bag or garment bag and set the machine on the gentle cycle. Yeah, I don't do that, I throw it in with everything and I wash it in cold water which is recommended. The article linked also suggests removing stains if there are any. Don't get me started! I get that your swimsuit will not always look pristine and it will get sunscreen on it, but really? I don't have time for all that but I now understand why folks usually buy a new swimsuit each year.

Also, do you mend up your suit? I have been the victim of an extremely large tear in my suit, but I just got another one. Guess what? I don't sew! There is not one old butter cookie tin in my apartment. Swimsuits wear out, it's not the end of the world.

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