Be careful on your morning commute. Here's what the KY Transportation Cabinet is saying about the roads:

 From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet at 4:30 AM:

Freezing rain and sleet has started moving out of some KYTC District 2 counties, leaving behind ice covered trees, power lines, and vehicles at some locations.

Ice-fighting efforts have focused mainly on the Ohio River border counties where cold temps were sufficient to cause the falling rain to ice over.
Crews in Union, Henderson, Webster, Daviess, and Ohio counties have been the most active overnight.  Crews have been mainly patrolling and treating potential trouble spots such as bridges and overpasses.

Pavement temps have held right at the freezing mark overnight.  However, temperatures are starting to drop as the freezing rain moves out.  Temperatures are expected to drop to about 27 degrees by about daylight.

So far, we've had few crashes reported as motorists have heeded advisories to stay home.  That could change as people start to venture out on the morning commute.

Motorists are reminded that when roadways ice over it severely limits the ability of highway crews to improve driving conditions.  Appropriate caution will be required through the morning hours until temperatures get above freezing.

Updates as appropriate.

Timely traffic advisories for the 11 counties of KYTC Highway District 2 are available by going to www.facebook.com/kytcdistrict2. You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.

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