Poor Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. The beautiful singer is battling jet lag, but she has a pretty common cure for those long sleepless nights when your internal clock is out of whack and you’re not on your proper or familiar sleep schedule. Scott, who along with her Lady A bandmates is a pitch person for Lipton Iced Tea, fueled up on caffeine to try and level out.

For a woman suffering from a lack of decent sleep, Scott sure looks amazing in this photo she shared while cradling a large white mug of a caffeinated beverage. It’s likely coffee or tea that she’s ingesting to try and get herself back on a workable schedule.

Scott tweeted: “Caffeine overload trying to beat the sleepless nights! #jetlagisSTILLgettingthebestofme #WHY.” Poor thing. We hope Hil is able to bounce back and eventually catch up on her sleep. Dealing with that condition is a small price to pay when you are the lead singer in a super successful country trio traveling the world to promote your album and to go on tour, breaking attendance records in the process.



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