When I was growing up I struggled with body image issues like so many young people today. This video is so empowering for any young person whose ever felt imperfect or thought they needed to be a certain size for other people to accept them. We need more music like this in our lives!

I follow Lauren on social media and I have to say it's so frustrating how people hide behind social media to say negative comments about other people. You really can't win. I see people comment that she's too heavy in pictures. Then in another picture someone says, she must be airbrushed because she can't be that skinny in that dress she's wearing. We all know that when pictures are taken you can look different depending on the clothes you have on, the angle the picture is taken, etc. I think curves are beautiful by the way!

But, what the heck does that matter? Everyone has something beautiful about them. Do you know what's inside someone based on a picture? What about their heart, charity work, community involvement, etc.? YOU go on social media to shame someone you don't know based on a picture?

Is it obvious by now it happens to me too?  I've been in the public eye all of my life and luckily I'm older now and truly it doesn't bother me when a 60 year old man calls me fat on Facebook (yes it happened recently!), but I see what's happening with social media and how it's used with our young people and I'm ashamed. When we see shaming and bullying we all need to step up and shut it down. Don't engage, but shut it down with kindness and love and be sure the person being shamed understands they have worth and something to offer. If the older me could go back and talk to the younger me, I would have had better self-esteem and would've never allowed anyone to treat me badly.

Lauren posted this message on her Facebook page to announce the release of her “Road Less Traveled” music video.

“I'm so excited for y'all to see my music video for #RoadLessTraveled. It's a super emotional video for me. I wanted to share my personal journey and struggles with self worth and confidence. I want you to see and know why I wrote this song. I hope after watching it you feel encouraged, beautiful, strong, and courageous. Please know that you are unique and special just the way you are. Your flaws and insecurities do not define you. You can be whoever you want to be. Don't let anyone else try to stop you. I hope you love the video.”

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