Leslie Jordan has been in show business for decades.  But it was the COVID-19 shutdown last year that propelled him into virtual superstardom.  Though he's spent a lifetime in television and film, it was Instagram that made him a household name.  Leslie's social media videos went viral and eventually landed him over 6 million Instagram followers.

Since then, his popularity has continued to grow and he recently made his singing debut at The Grand Ole Opry.  Earlier this week, he headlined the Ryman Auditorium, country music's "Mother Church."

Now, Leslie is the first to admit that he's not a singer.  In fact, during his show Tuesday night at the Ryman he told the crowd, "Ya'll, I can't sing."

But, for his big Leslie Jordan and Friends concert, he rounded up a bunch of friends who can.  And a star-studded cast was on hand to help Leslie share the songs from his album Company's Comin', which features a bunch of traditional church hymns that Leslie grew up on.

Kevin and I were in the crowd.  I gotta say- I knew the show was coming to the Ryman so I was watching for presale info like a hawk.  And it paid off.  We aisle snagged seats in Main Floor Section 5, Row G!   See, Kevin's birthday was Wednesday, December 1st, so I arranged a "mystery date."   I told him to mark the 30th off his calendar, but didn't tell him why.  He didn't find out where were going until about ten minutes before we hit the road for Nashville.

After a visit to eat at Puckett's on Church Street, we walked a couple of blocks down to the Ryman.  Our seats and the show were incredible.  And, look!  We knew Leslie was going to be hilarious.  And we knew that he had lined up some insanely talented special guests.  We had no idea that the show was going to be as spectacular and fabulous as it was.


20 Fabulous Photos from the Leslie Jordan & Friends Concert at the Ryman

The Leslie Jordan and Friends Concert was Tuesday, November 30th at the Ryman Auditorium. Leslie wrangled the help of a bunch of his Nashville friends for a night of comedy and church hymns.



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