I love the added excitement Warren Buffett created for the NCAA Tournament with his offer of $1 billion to anyone who turns in the perfect bracket. It's a no-lose proposition for the mogul for two reasons:

1. If someone really does win that cash, he really will never miss it. And...

2. Nobody's winning that cash.

The odds are a robust 9.2 quintillion-to-1. How many zeroes is that, anyway?


Lord knows I won't win it. I've never won any bracket contest that I've ever entered. Ever. And you know why? Because I love college basketball. I don't just watch the teams from Kentucky. I watch them all.  I'm the type who always thinks he's got this because I pay close attention.

But that's why I always run into trouble.

And that's why you hear all these jokes about "Claire in accounting" or "my grandson Ricky" having greater success due to choosing the teams based on anything but what has actually been displayed on the court.

So I figured, let's have some fun and guess what would happen if these teams' mascots came to life and squared off against one another.

I started in the South Region:



And don't forget to register for the Lucy Bella Million Dollar Bracket Challenge!


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